Our Mission

At Gonzalez United Methodist Church, our mission is to grow in faith, nurture in love, walk in forgiveness, and take God’s love into our community.


Who We Are

Gonzalez United Methodist Church, a historical church, bridging the gap of time continues to celebrate its cultural and spiritual heritage while impacting the lives of many through transcendent expressions of faith and worship.  With its roots firmly planted in the 19th century, Gonzalez United Methodist Church has attributed to countless generations of emerging witnesses to Christ's Grace and Truth. 

Now, stronger than ever, Gonzalez United Methodist Church has embraced a new era of ministry for both present and future generations.  You will have the opportunity to experience the gospel being presented in both classical and contemporary settings.  With an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality, you are sure to find a place among family and friends.  Please come and join us as we experience moments in time filled with life in the Spirit!

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